Do you want to sell your old phone but are unsure where to get the best price? If so we have just what you are looking for, a price comparison tool which will find the best deals in the UK. Simply select the manufacturer and then the specific model and we will show you which companies are offering the best price.

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When you enter the manufacturer followed by the handset model into our tool above you will be presented with a list of prices offered by different companies for that phone. You can order the list by clicking the "price" button. This will show you the best prices (highest) first. Click through on the links to visit that companies offer. Each recycler has its own terms and conditions, you need to read these carefully before proceeding any further. If you are happy with the terms and conditions and the price offered then you can proceed with the sale. After doing this the recycler will either give you labels to print out to post your item, or more usually will send weather proof pre labelled packaging / bags out to your address which you can use to send the phones through the post.

Upon receipt the phone(s) will be inspected and you will receive confirmation of the price to be paid.Important Things to Check Before Sending Your PhoneBefore sending your phone you must make sure you have removed the simcard, wiped the  memory of the phone and also wiped any SD cards which were in the phone. In short, ensure you completely remove and eradicate any personal data from your phone before selling it. Many phones are sold on to other customers either in the UK or developing countries and you really do not want your personal information being passed on with them!Some companies like Mazuma have a tool / software program you can download which will do this (wipe your phone) for you.Do Not Sell Based on Price Alone!Our tool helps you find the best price, but it would also be worth checking their reputation online or on their facebook page if they have one. One thing you need to be aware of is that different companies have different standards when it comes to the condition of your phone. Remember the price they offer you is entirely based on the description you give them, they are giving that quote "unseen". If you describe the phone as being in mint condition they will offer you a higher price than if it were damaged, so, if on arrival / inspection your "mint" phone does indeed turn out to be damaged they will reduce the offer.This is all perfectly fair but some companies (in the past) developed a somewhat poor reputation for "downgrading" their offers on receipt of the phone. Users who sent phones repeatedly complained that their genuinely good phones were being downgraded or re-valued upon receipt, i.e. they were being offered less money than the original quote / offer. This is less of an issue now as those companies lost business due to their poor reputation and either cleaned up their act or went bust!Going bust is another issue, at least one retailer did go bust without paying customers for their phones, again, this was some time ago and the market is far more stable and reputable these days, but if you want to minimise this kind of risk you may want to go with one of the "big brand" companies as opposed to one of the smaller ones, even if the price offered is a little less. Of course we only list companies we have confidence in, we do not expect any company listed here to stop trading any time soon, but we feel it important to bring these possible risks to your attention.What Happens to My Phone after I Sell it?That really depends on the desirability and condition of the handset. If it is in good working order then it will be sold onto another user as it is. Depending on the age / desirability of the phone that may be in the UK, for instance an iPhone4 which is an older model is still highly desirable and there is a good market for them in the UK. Older feature phones are usually sent to emerging markets like India or some African countries where demand for cheap reliable handsets is very high.If the phone is damaged it may be repaired and sold on as described above or broken down for spare parts. If the phone is scrap then it is completely dismantled and things like precious metals are recovered from the circuit boards. An interesting fact is that there is more gold in a mobile phone than there is in gold ore! Another important point is that toxic chemicals, particularly those in the battery are handled responsibly. You should never simply throw an old phone in the bin as it will go to landfil where toxins can escape into the water table causing damage many years into the future.How to Get the Best Price for My PhoneIn addition to comparing prices above the other key thing is to try and dig out the original box, instruction manual and accessories. Think about this from the point of view of the next customer. Would you rather have a boxed phone with headphones, instructions and other accessories, or would you be happy with just being handed an old phone as is? Original packaging adds value to the phone, both in terms of its own intrinsic value and usefulness (instructions etc) but also becaues it implies the phone has perhaps been better cared for.Also consider cleaning your phone as best you can so it gives a good impression when the company you sold it to inspects it. This may not make any difference as they are actually testing for faults and looking at scratches (particularly on the face of the phone) but shipping a clean phone vs a dirty one that looks like it has received little care certainly cannot do any harm!Why Should I Sell My Phone?Most people sell their old phones to raise extra cash, or just to clear out some clutter. Aside from this there are other very good reasons why you should sell it on. One is that it provides a means of safe disposal (we mentioned toxins earlier). The other is that the more phones that are recycled the less new ones have to be produced which again benefits the environment.Mobile phone recycling is one of the few areas where you can actually make money and be green at the same time, so do it today!Custom HTML